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The Mutton Busting event is a crowd favorite!

"Cowboy Up" and hold on for six exciting seconds!

We will randomly draw 15 names for each night to be in the Mutton Busting event. Should your child's name be drawn, we will contact you to come in; complete the necessary release forms 
and pay for the entry, (Debit/Credit cards only).

Entry for the draw will be available from
July 3 at 8 am to July 7 at 5 pm.

Only one contestant per family.   Only enter for one evening.  

Entering for multiple evenings will result in automatic elimination.  

Contestant Rules

  1. Ages 5-7 and under 80 LBS
  2. Entry Fee $15.00 (Debit/Credit cards only)
  3. We will have 15 rides each night. Only enter one contestant per family.   Only  enter  for one evening. 
  4. Only contestant is issued a free Rodeo ticket, everyone else will need to purchase tickets. You may purchase additional tickets while filling out release forms.   Please, come prepared, know the general location of additional seats. Credit/Debit cards only.  
  5. Only contestant and one (1) parent will be allowed in the area, when called for the Mutton Busting.
  6. Only contestant named on this agreement rides. No substitutions.
  7. Contestants will be ready when called or sheep will be turned out.
  8. If contestant is crying or traumatized in any way, Committee Personnel will determine whether the contest competes.
  9. We strongly suggest you bring and wear your own protective headgear.  However, the  final decision rests on contestant's legal guardian.
  10. Bib must be attached to the back of the rider's shirt.


This event has expired and is no longer accepting orders. Check out some other events here